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The recipe to happiness

Pastel de Nata offers particular characteristic that attest to its quality and excellence.

Unlike most delicacies, it is versatile, ready as a delicious breakfast, dessert or simply as a mid afternoon snack.

– Handcrafted product using the best available ingredients;
– Free* Delivery Wholesale to your door 7 Days a Week – ready to eat (* Subject to Minimum Delivery)
– Freshly Baked Daily in our own Bakery in London for collection
– Available Frozen and easy to prepare. No waste, bake as you go

– Fresh semi-skimmed milk;
– Real Eggs;
– No added colourings, preservatives or additives;
– Free from genetically modified ingredients;
– Trans fat free;
– Free of HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
– Traditional and exclusive recipe, developed by professional artisans;
– The same quality, characteristics, taste and unforgettable experience anywhere in the world;

The process of production, packaging and transportation was especially developed to ensure all the top qualities of the product, up till delivery to our consumers.

Freshly Handmade from scratch and Baked Daily – delivered Wholesale 7 days per week to your door – ready to go

Frozen Fully Baked and Part Baked – easy to prepare, no waste, bake as you go

The Pastel de Nata is fully baked in our own facilities, and immediately frozen. It takes about 10-12 minutes for the pastry to be ready to serve the final consumer. It then takes 20 to 30 minutes for the custard to cool and to be ready to serve the final consumer.

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The recipe range

Take a look at how our Nata's are made...

Main Ingredients

Filling:              Fresh Semi-Skimmed Milk, Sugar, Egg Yolk, Whole Egg, Wheat Flour, Maize Starch, Natural Vanilla Flavour (Vegan is made with Soya Milk and Egg Replacement).

Puff Pastry:      Wheat Flour, Trans Fat Free Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Pastry Margarine, Water.


Classic Plain Pastel de Nata, Our unique recipe of the traditional Pastel de Nata – a high end, quality focused, historic pastry, with full respect for the original product recipe created in the late XVII century

Blueberry Pastel de Nata, Custard filled with sweet dark blue berries handcrafted in our crispy classic puff pastry

Raspberry Pastel de Nata, Red juicy studded raspberries cooked in our classic custard

Passion Fruit & Cocoa Pastel de Nata, A Portuguese Passion Fruit take on the delicious classic. Custard embodied with Passion Fruit clothed in a Cocoa Puff Pastry

Vegan Pastel de Nata, A move from tradition we have replaced eggs an dairy with this classic delicious adaptation … made with Soya Milk and Egg Replacement

Apple Cinnamon  Pastel de Nata, Custard embodied with Diced Apple and Cinnamon Flavour. Handcrafted, the Portuguese way!

Chocolate  Pastel de Nata, Custard embodied with Chocolate Flavour. Handcrafted, the Portuguese way!

Coconut  Pastel de Nata, Custard embodied with Coconut Flavour. Handcrafted, the Portuguese way!

    Delicious Alternatives

    Classic Plain, Blueberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit & Cocoa, Vegan, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate, Coconut

    The traditional recipe

    The Pastel de Nata/Pasteis de Nata is a traditional Portuguese pastry (a.k.a. Portuguese Custard Tart, based on a Portuguese recipe from the XVIII century), filled with a traditional egg custard. Blasted at 300°C, making the custard boil, the result is a beautifully smooth, creamy filling with a slightly burned top and a layered light and crisp puff pastry as a base.

    Madeira Patisserie was the first Portuguese pastelaria, that helped popularise Pastéis de Nata in Britain. Using high quality fresh ingredients Madeira Patisserie brought this to London in the 1980’s and now they can be purchased in many places all over the United Kingdom.

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