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Time Out

The 9 best Pastries in London

By Emma Hughes

Photograph: Andy Parsons  

Posted: Friday February 15 2019

Pastel de Nata, Madeira

Opened in 1988, Madeira has made waves with its world-beating Portuguese custard tarts (it does wholesale now, so if you’ve eaten a pastel de nata anywhere in the UK, chances are Madeira baked it). Get yourself down to Albert Embankment to tuck into one for less than the price of the bus there. With layers of the crispest puff pastry encasing a buttercup-yellow, cinnamon-scented custard, it’s sunshine on a plate. And not a soggy bottom in sight. £1.20. 

Did you know? The secret of the burnt top and smooth filling is a very hot oven: Madeira’s pastéis are briefly blasted at 300C, which makes the custard boil.


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